Thursday, August 3, 2017

I'm a shaaaaarrrkkkkkkk

This round lets chuck out a few more Carcharadons. This represented my first encounter with the new bigmarines. I generally feel these guys don't really fit with the Spes Sharks' 'duct taped together' theme, as the chapter is well known for making due with little and doesn't seem like it would be high on the waiting list for the Imperium's newest, sexiest tech (what are we, the Minotaurs??) Nevertheless, there is the cool factor to be considered and it would be pretty poor to neglect the full new range of HUGEMARINES on pure lore principles entirely.

As a result, I decided to go hard, fast, using the Gravis armor lord guy as the basis for a force commander. To sharkify him I replaced the helmet with an exposed pate, switched out the gauntlet for something more slashy and gave him more of a nautical-themed pole arm in lieu of the original sword

The cloak provided.....opportunities....

I'm really enjoying the theme of the chapter as I move through its various components The idea of a bunch of silent, fanatical, possible World Eater space vampires is pretty metal. 


  1. The images are not showing up...I suspect your hosting is playing games. Or the browser has silently channeled my feelings on the new "Primaris" marines...although I have no doubt they look 100% amazing under your skills.

  2. Yeah, I'm also not seeing images.

  3. This is very odd, it seems to be linked to google photos. Pasting them directly into the post seems to elicit random mixed results. I think I'll try just directly uploading onto the blog from here on out.

  4. That is super cool - Nicely done!

  5. OK - they are up now. Great work, and that symbol on the Whatever a grouch like me thinks of the bigmarines, your skills sure make this a one-of-a-kind figure. Great job!